Write a paper about the benefits of peptide therapy and how much better it is instead of pharmaceuticals.

Assignment Question

The Persuasive Speech asks you to persuade members of your audience who disagree with you on a topic of genuine public controversy. These controversies can range from local to regional, national and international. What is important is that you speak to an issue that affects the public as a collective and is debated publicly.

The purpose of this speech is to persuade, not simply to argue.

You might be able to develop a perfectly logical argument that is wholly unpersuasive to an audience. Persuading audience members that disagree with you requires that you think about why they disagree with you, identify areas where these audience members can be moved, and speak to those areas in a way that highlights your shared interests. It is doubtful that you will be able to convert some or all the oppositional members in your audience in a 6-8 minute span, but you can begin to weaken their commitment to their original position and better understand and sympathize with your position. Remember that your credibility plays an important role in persuading audiences; as such, you must deal with oppositional arguments in a fair and convincing way. Make sure to address some of the key factors discussed in Chapter 15 of our text. Once your speech has been delivered, upload a copy of all relevant documents directly to Moodle (speech outline, notes, visuals, etc.). This is due by the end of class.

Topic is about the benefits of peptide therapy and how much better it is instead of pharmaceuticals