Talent Assessment

Your report can be on any topic relevant to this module. Give it a title of your choice.

It must shed insights (something new, helpful, and not available elsewhere) via opinion

surveys, interviews with managers/employees, provocative reviews of

publications/issues on any topic(s), or others of relevance to this module.

The focus of Individual Project & Sharing is on the extension of concepts/practices

learned from this module to the real world for the benefit of managers.

(It is not meant to be a scientific inquiry because you are not expected to theorize a

phenomenon, derive testable hypotheses (e.g., A causes B and B causes C), and verify

it empirically using factual evidence.)

The amount of effort you are expected to put into this assignment is

equivalent to conducting 2 in-depth interviews with managers/employees. One in-depth interview is equal to 3 A4-sized pages of transcript (single-spaced, 12-

point font size, Times New Roman font type) when the interview is transcribed into a

written record.

The more practicing managers can learn from your report, the more marks will be

awarded to you.

If you have collected raw data for your report, including questionnaire surveys,

interviews with respondents, email/Instagram/instant messaging exchanges with

practitioners, etc., please include them in the Appendices of your Report. There are no word limits on Appendices, but the paper must be 2400 words.

You may consider using this structure for your report:

Purpose of the Study

Study Design/Methodology







References and Appendices are not subject to the word count limit.

You may also check any academic journal papers to see how a research report may be


the following is the textbook that was used for this course: Robert D. Gatewood, Hubert S. Feild, & Murray R. Barrick (2019). Human Resource
Selection (9th ed). New York: Wessex Press Inc. (ISBN: 9780999554753 or 0999554751 or
9780999554746 or 0999554743).

you can see the topics that were covered in class and could be relevant to this report. For example, Building a Talent Pool: Identifying, Recruiting, & Retaining
Qualified Applicants, and a report could be based on a conversation with recruiters and such.