The Death Penalty should be morally accepted

sources: PROCON.ORG
My (working) thesis: The justification for “an eye for an eye” according to supporters of the death penalty is to advance a society of justice and goodness that shuns evil.
Introduction to problem – [What is the issue and why should your audience care?] According to a June 2, 2021 Pew Research Center article titled “Most Americans Favor the Death Penalty Despite Concerns about Its Administration,” which can be found at stated: “Belief that the death sentence is ethically appropriate in cases of murder is substantially correlated with support for the death penalty. 64% of the general public and 33% disagree that the death sentence in murder instances is ethically appropriate. 90% of those who support the death penalty, compared to only 25% of those who oppose it, believe that it is ethically appropriate in these situations. In addition, supporters of the death penalty say that it has a particularly effective deterrent effect on violent offenders for whom the possibility of prison time is insufficient constraint.
Intended audience: [Who will be interested in reading your material?] all citizens of United States, new voters, court members
Documentation Style: MLA
Reasons to support claim [Why you believe your claim is true; use a minimum of four reasons. Envision these ideas the body of your essay] – (1) It deters criminals from committing serious crimes (2) It appeases the victims or victims’ families (3) To maximize justice(4) Without the death penalty, some criminals would continue to commit crimes
Types of sources – [Here you will document the types of sources you will use to support your argument. What evidence will most effectively reach your audience.] I will mention studies and data that are pro death penalty for specific cases. The data about the majority of people who agree that the death penalty is morally accepted.
Refutation of Counterargument – Capital punishment is cruel and unusual, capital punishment denies due process of law, the death penalty violates the constitutional guarantee of equal protection.