The Development of Nuclear Weapons in Iran and Its Implications in the Middle East

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Subject: Premium Writing

Write a 2-3 page reaction paper where you will discuss the following questions:
Analyze and criticize your own work. Attatched is what you will be crtiqiuing
Relate your topic to 1-2 other presentations that you listened to during the Collaborate session. The other presentation is Issues that continue to block peace between Palistianans and Isrealis
Connect your project to one of the subjects or issues that we have discussed in class.
What did you do well on your project and what would you do differently now that you have actually finished it. What challenges did you have to overcome? How would your project have been different if you had written a paper instead of presenting your information? You do not have to answer all of these questions, but you should use them to start your reaction paper by giving an honest assessment of your work and its quality.
How did your information and project relate to 1 or 2 other presentations that you listened to? I am giving you a choice of how many presentations to compare it to, as there may have been a couple of presentations that were closely related to your topic (perhaps a similar theme, but a different country, etc.), or there may have been nothing that was similar so you will need to really be creative as to how you connect your paper to your peer. Was the other presentation thorough enough? Did the presenter answer your questions? Were they trustworthy? Did you learn anything from how they presented that would help you in the future, either by doing what they did or by avoiding it?
We have studied the past 60 years of the entire world. Below is just a small list of possible issues that might be appropriate to your project. How did doing your project connect to one of these issues? As an example, say you are writing about AIDS in Africa, you should be able to compare it to some other aspect of this class, such as corruption in post colonial governments or the changing roles of women in Africa.
Please keep in mind, that this essay is designed to get you to be creative in your thoughts, in your connections and in your ability to analyze and synthesize information. Since most of the information is going to come from your own projects, this is much less about recall and much more about critical thinking.

As an assist to you, I am going to list here a number of potential issues that we have discussed in class, in the book and in lectures. This is by no means a complete list and you are welcome to use other options that you recall.
Key topics: (Big Issues)
Cold War competition
Economic competition
Colonialism/post colonialism
Ethnic self determination
Economic growth in emerging markets (rise of industrialism)
Climate change
Area Issues:
Berlin Crisis
Prague Spring
Invasion of Hungary
Fall of the Soviet Union
European cooperation
Cuban Missile Crisis
Bay of Pigs
Support of the Contras
Support of dictators by the U.S. (such as in Nicaragua, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Philippines, Haiti, etc.)
Rise of Communism in China
Invasion of South Korea/Korean War
African independence movements
Neo-colonialism (especially in Africa)
Suez Crisis
Pan Africanism
Coup in Iran (1956)
Iranian Revolution
Hostages in the Iranian Revolution
Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood/Islam
Yom Kippur War
1973 Oil crisis
Non-Aligned movement
Post-colonial India
The separation of India and Pakistan
The invasion of Afghanistan (Soviet)
The Taliban (as freedom fighters)
Iran-Iraq War
The military coup/control in Burma
Geneva Accords
Tet Offensive
Conflict between China and Taiwan
Rise of the Asian Tigers