The informative speech How visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners are different.

The informative speech is 4-7 minutes long and designed to share good information with the audience about a topic you are familiar with. Be careful to not share any personal opinions or beliefs, that would not be allowed in an informative speech.
Choose a topic that you have knowledge about and are able to research to find additional facts and information. Choose a topic that is neutral. This is a great speech to teach the audience about a person (hero, thought leader, favorite band), place (exciting and interesting places visited or lived), or thing (a new idea, event, disease or process). Make sure you have enough information to provide the audience as well as the ability to find outside information from credible sources.
Once a topic is selected, create an outline, then do some outside research to find 3 credible sources. This speech should include 3 verbal cites, which may be things like statistics, quotes, opinions, or facts. Ensure that the sources are credible and insert the newly researched information into the speech at appropriate places in the outline. Your research should support your already created outline and provide clarification or further information for the audience.
Transfer information to your note cards making sure to include the researched information and the proper verbal cites, practice delivering your speech and verbally citing your sources.
Perform your speech in front of your audience of 5 peopl