” The Odyssey” (need use quote from book)

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One of the most important themes in The Odyssey is the search for the true or authentic self. Odysseus struggles with maintaining his “true” or “authentic” self throughout the poem. What do you think the true or authentic self is? What is the danger of losing one’s own authentic sense of oneself? Where do you see Odysseus struggle with understanding who is he most deeply? How does his sense of self shift as he travels home to Ithaca? What are some ways in which his defining characteristic — his polutropos — poses a threat to his authentic sense of self? What are some ways that Odysseus seems conflicted about who he is most deeply — the mastermind behind the Greek’s victory over the Trojans or the family man who is dedicated to his wife and son?
In your initial post, write a response of at least 500 words that addresses some of the questions raised in the preceding paragraph (you do not need to answer every question). Be sure to support your claims with evidence from the poem. Please put quotes in bold print.