The Prince: Qualities of a Good Leader

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Read the summary of Niccolo Machiavelli’s “The Prince”

What does Machiavelli’s have to say about the qualities of a good leader?
Summarize Machiavelli’s ideas in your own words.
Review the additional information about the plot, characters, and ideas found in the Cliff’s notes.

Study Help Essay Questions.
1. Describe the qualities of Machiavelli’s ideal prince. What characteristics should a prince posses, and how should a prince behave?
2. Discuss the concept of fortune
How does Machiavelli use this term?
What can be done to resist fortuna.
3. Examine the instances in which Machiavelli discusses “the people.”
What is his attitude toward the people and their interests?
How does he portray them?
How does he portray their opposites, the nobles?
4. Describe Machiavelli’s concept of free will.
How is virtu involved in this concept?
According to Machiavelli, to what extent can free will be effectively exercised?
5. Why is the prince’s public image important to Machiavelli?
What should a prince do to maintain a good reputation?
How should the prince present himself to the people he rules?

After reviewing the above materials, you now have a good idea of leadership qualities identified in this work.
Conduct Primary Research – It is always a good idea to explore the thoughts of others, so do a bit more research before writing your essay about the qualities of a good leader.

Conduct Primary Research of Leadership
Ask five people whom you respect the following question: What are the characteristics of a great leader?
Write down the answers, the date of the interview, the name of the person interviewed, and his/her occupation. You will use this information in your Works Cited entry.
Identified ideas from your primary research to use in your essay
Essay In a 5-7 page essay, respond to the following prompt: Who is the greatest world leader of the 21st century and why? Use your primary research and your understanding of The Prince to develop a clear thesis and well-organized paragraphs (Introduction, Body, and Conclusion) to support your argument.

Suggested Essay Outline
Introduction. Answer these questions for your readers.
(1) Who is Machiavelli?
(2) Why did he write The Prince?
(3) What are the important leadership qualities identified in the work?
(4) Which quality do you believe to be the most important and why? This last sentence is the basis for your thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs.
Use specific examples from the Prince, your primary research interviews, and your own experiences to support the thesis.

Restate the thesis (using different words), and summarize what others who disagree with your thesis might argue and why. Comment on the value of strong leaders in any society.
Works Cited Page. Include at least two sources on the Works Cited page:
(1) The Prince, and
(2) Your primary research interviews.