The Scientific Method Experimental Design Practice

Putting shampoos to the test!

Read the following description of this experiment and then identify the elements of the experiment.

Dan had noticed that his scalp started to show signs of dandruff. He thought that if he started using Head&Shoulders (dandruff shampoo) that his dandruff would clear up. He went to the local Walgreens and bought a bottle of Head&Shoulders. He went home and washed the right side of his head with Head&Shoulders, while he continued to wash the left side of his head with the shampoo he had always used. He washed both sides of his head in warm water while rinsing both sides in cold water. He used his blow dryer to dry each side for 3 minutes. He combed and styled his hair using the same products. He continued this routine for two weeks. At the end of two weeks he examined his scalp for the presence of dandruff.

Independent Variable:

Dependent Variable:

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