Theatre Performance Review

Your project will be to attend one theatre performance in your community or watch a movie version of a play and then answer the questions below.

For your final, in order to earn full credit, you must do the following:

First, list the name of the play/musical, the length, and when you saw or watched it.
Summarize the PLOT, THEME, and overall SETTING of the performance you attended or watched in 2 paragraphs.
Describe any special PROPS, SCENERY, or MUSIC used in the performance you attended in 1 to 2 paragraphs
Describe the COSTUMES of the characters in ONE paragraph. If you were the director, would you have made any changes to them?
Discuss how, in your opinion, the play went in ONE paragraph. Was it successful? Was there SPECTACLE?
Discuss in THREE paragraphs what you would have changed if you were the director. What could have been done better? Would you have casted someone else for the leads? Would you have changed the scenery? Music? Props? Etc.
Correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure