Tin Cup Dilemma

Words: 283
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

Review the clip from the movie Tin Cup and respond to the following questions:
What Ethics Code Standards and Principles (APA, ACA, and AASP) are relevant in the “Tin Cup” video clip and why (hint: remember there is almost always more than one standard or principle at play)?
What has she done right? What are some potential drawbacks to the actions she chose?
What steps could this practitioner have taken to avoid trouble?
What should the practitioner do moving forward? Why might those be the best ethical decisions?
According to the AASP, APA, and ACA ethics codes, would it be acceptable for this practitioner to pursue a romantic relationship with this client in the future?
According to your own moral compass, would it ever be acceptable? Does it make a difference if she is a licensed psychologist, a licensed counselor, or a CMPC?