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For this assignment you are to write a formal write up and watch videos of children in daycare, school, or in their home and take note of the different parenting styles and take the key terms, look for examples in the videos. Please note the video name, state the term the behavior is an example of, UNDERLINE OR BOLD SAID TERM and then describe the example of the behavior that matches the term.

Teachers prompt:
Childrearing/disciplinary style (the style of child rearing) plays a role in helping the child do this. Traditionally, developmental psychologists consider four distinct styles of disciplinary style: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive and uninvolved. When rated according to these three criteria, the authoritative style ranks highest, because it has a high levelof acceptance for the child, makes demands that are reasonable for the child’s maturity level and age, and also uses control in a meaningful, non-coersive way. The other three styles all fail on at least one of these three dimensions. For instance, the permissive style scores high on warmth and acceptance, but poorly on control and autonomy granting.Authoritarian care givers, who are cold, overly controlling, and at times abusive, obviously don’t score as highly. Likewise, uninvolved caregivers–who typically don’t attend much to their children at all–will score low in all categories. Because young children aren’t good at taking other’s perspectives, (i.e., they don’t have the brain development to do this yet) they really need explanations from adults in order to construct their internal moral code. Children who have authoritarian, permissive, or uninvolved caregivers don’t often get these explanation, thus it is much harder to them to understand how their actions influence others, and they struggle to construct an internal moral code that they can useto govern their behavior when the care giver is not immediately present.
PLEASE NOTE, THE PARENT DOES NOT NEED TO BE THEIR TO COMPLETE THE OBSERVATION, you can look at how teachers, daycare workers, or even you yourself can relateto children. What style is used when the child is doing something wrong? You may notice that while the book suggests these four styles are distinct, in practice people often shift among them. So too, you may notice, that sometimes people combine these styles. Ifyou see people shifting styles, or combining styles, you should report this, it’s neat!
The discussion question is, “How concerned should we be about the rise in permissive parenting?”

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