Unit 5: Essay 5 – The Adaptation of Spouses (A Symbolic Interactionist Approach).

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Family Problem: For about 20 years, Ray and Sheila Wright lived an unhappy marriage due to opposite religious beliefs. In the case of the Wrights, Ray was an Evangelical Christian while Sheila was a Shia Muslim. In 1998, during their high school prom, the two met and immediately fell in love so deeply that within a week, they got married. Against the advice and even rejection of both Ray’s and Sheila’s family members, the two fought everyone, and scarcely 7 days after the prom, they married via the state.

Ray and Sheila started having problems related to their respective faiths as early as two weeks after getting married. The main problem was that both wanted a “religious marriage.” Ray, an evangelist Pentecostal, wanted a marriage at his church, expecting his congregation (including his family and Sheila’s family) to be present. Sheila never accepted Ray’s Christian faith, and insisted she would never enter a Christian church. Likewise, Ray rejected Sheila’s faith and never compromised with her Muslim faith and/or traditions pertaining to marriage and family. The topic of family planning rose several dozen times throughout their marriage, but it always erupted into a heated argument, with shoving, pushing, and scratches on both faces.

Outcome (Ending): In 2019, the two finally agreed to separate, and an inevitable divorce became a peaceful solution. Fortunately, they didn’t have any children during the two decades together, for their battles and struggles would have definitely involved and injured them due to the strong differences in faith. The two remain good friends, but they now understand they never had a future together.