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Craft an argument about veiling and gender in Islam. What does the veil represent for Muslim women who wear it? Why is veiling such an issue for Muslim women, especially in a Euro-American context? Consult 1-2 secondary sources to make an argument that addresses why veiling is perceived so differently by women who practice Islam versus non-Muslim outsiders.

Research Assignment #4
Please choose ONE of the following prompts and compose a 2-3 page paper that addresses the prompt. Your paper should be double-spaced and written in a 12-point font. You should have normal margins. Please submit your assignment as a docx or PDF file saved as “[student last name]_research assignment 1.” You should cite your secondary sources using Chicago style (Notes-bibliography) format. Please see this resource for guidance on your citations. Please recall that failure to cite your sources using in-text citation is a form of plagiarism. For some guidance regarding writing and style, please see our course Writing and Style Guide on our Brightspace page.

When you refer to our class sources on veiling, your footnotes should look like this:
The women in the TRT video entitled “Muslim Women Talk Hijab” all share diverse stories about their experiences with veiling.[1]
In “Veiling and the Hijab,” the authors note that there is no consensus on how veiling affects Muslim women.[2]

[1] TRT World, Muslim Women Talk Hijab (2018), YouTube Video, 3:51,

[2] “Veiling and the Hijab,” The Feminist Sexual Ethics Project (Brandeis University),