Weekly Reflection: Communication, Technology/Cybersecurity, and Globalization

Please read the files uploaded and submit a one-page reflection on the required readings. The one-page document should demonstrate not only a critical analysis of the required readings (content) but also good prose (writing).
The one-page reflection should not be written as a laundry list summary of the readings but rather a thought-through written document where ideas connect.
– Font size shall be 11.5 Times New Roman single-spaced.
– Please just go through and reflect and citate the Pdf files I attached.

This module will focus on the evolution of communication and communication technology over the years considering global trends as well as regional trends. Special emphasis will be placed on the Middle East and specifically the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the process of political mobilization and political change but also political control and related efforts. The module will also explore aspects of technological change and cybersecurity broadly defined.

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