What are recent developments in the fight against HIV/AIDS?

must have at least three resources a science journal etc. proper citation and citation page.

For the diseases be sure to address the following:
1. Morphology, arrangement, and gram stain of the bacterium
2. Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease.
3. Incubation period, duration of illness, and convalescence period.
4. Chemotherapeutic agents (drugs) used for treatment.
5. Vaccines available?
6. How is the bacterium transmitted?
7. How can the bacterium/illness be avoided?
8. Any additional distinguishing/notable features of the bacterium and/or disease. (ex: the bacterium is Acid Fast or has a capsule; the bacterium produces a toxin; the illness is the second leading cause of deacixth due to an infectious agent, etc.)

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