What are the 3 basic levels of management that can be identified in most organizations?

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What are the 3 basic levels of management that can be identified in most organizations? How precise are the lines differentiating these levels? In which of the basic areas do managers work?
Describe the four functions of management and give a real-life example of each. How are they related to one another?
Explain how each of the following skills are used within a manager’s role. Give examples of the skills in action: Conceptual, technical, communication, interpersonal, decision-making. How might the importance of different skills vary by level and area within an organization?
Describe the 3 environments and the elements within them.
What is organizational culture? Discuss the importance, determinants, and management of organizational culture.
Part 2
Write a 2- to 3-page informational essay incorporating the following:

You are the head of a tech startup that got it right. Your company is now going global and has been growing exponentially. However, the company still has no real management structure and this is beginning to create problems with personnel. As the founder of the startup, your organization is looking to you and your closest advisers to organize the company, assign responsibility to people, and create an adequate structure that will allow the company to continue to grow in the market place and in terms of personnel.

Consider the functions of management, the levels of management, and the necessary skills you want managers to have. Also, consider the environment and culture that you would want the organization to work within and exhibit. How would you structure the organization through the use of leadership and management to ensure the company successfully enters the global marketplace?

Course Competencies Addressed
CC1.1 Classify which functions managers are responsible for and the skills needed to perform these functions.

CC1.2 Explain the environments and cultures that managers work within

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