What are the main purposes of child protection services (CPS)?

1. The MN Department of Human Services (DHS) works with how many counties and American Indian Tribes to provide direct services to children and families in the child protection system?

2. What are the main purposes of child protection services (CPS)?

3. What is the Minnesota State Statute (number and name of law) that mandates how the state CPS system works and you is a mandated reporter in Minnesota?

4. What is a “Family Assessment” response?

5. What is the most common form of maltreatment in Minnesota?

6. How is child maltreatment defined, and what different types are defined under Minnesota law?

7. Mandated reporters include professionals and professionals’ delegates in what fields or professions?

8. Anyone who reports child abuse or neglect in good faith is immune from what kind of liability?

9. Anyone who is a mandated reporter and fails to report a suspected case may be charged with what offense?

10. What information can a mandated reporter find out about a report s/he made to Child Protection Services?

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