What does it look like to have a healthy relationship with money?

What does it look like to have a healthy relationship with money?
Does your first paragraph explain the overall direction of your argument?
Does your first paragraph contain a clear thesis?

Body Paragraphs

Does the first sentence of each body paragraph present
the argument of that paragraph?
Does the supporting evidence actually support the argument of the paragraph?
Do you have transition words between sub-points and between paragraphs?
Does each paragraph accomplish what it is supposed to?
Do you offer a variety of evidence for each paragraph’s main argument?

Does the paragraph hold together well (avoiding chop piness created by pasting together ideas or quotes)?
Do you correctly cite your sources?
Do you restate the main argument of the paper?

Do you successfully avoid presenting any new information in the conclusion? Do you finish with a strong final sentence?

Spelling, Grammar, Word Choice,
Did you review any errors that spell-check highlighted in your paper?
Did you correct any awkward working or incorrect grammar?
Did you use the best words possible, eliminating poorly chosen words?

Did you limit your use of “I” to personal stories,
eliminating clauses such as “I think” and “I believe”?
Is your paper between two full pages and three full pages in length (Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced)?