what human behavior in organizations means to you”

In this paper you will have to examine human behavior in organizations.
The goal for the paper is for you to identify concepts you used, or maybe did not use, in developing activities and tests. You must use the book, and just show me you understand in human behavior through various terms, theories, or concepts.
The paper will be double spaced You can use bullet points where you feel it works to highlight terms. The information is what is important; thus, the option to use some bullet points may make the paper shorter (but do not use bullet points for the majority of the paper).
Use this to drive your paper: Show me what human behavior in organizations means to you.
You can use information from the book, the internet, journal articles, or any other place to present to me that you understand Organization Behavior. You can use examples related to the human behavior in organizations as working remotely due to covid (THATS A GOOD TOPIC FOR YOUR ESSAY).

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