What is the information you expect the audience to already know?

Working with Process Writing
Every discipline has the need for pieces that define and or describe an important concept, issue, or process. For example, in the health care profession, EMT’s have emergency protocols for triage when coming up on the scene of an accident; instructors have lesson plans that describe, in quite a bit of detail, how to teach a certain topic.
Process Writing is a very common document style in both academic and professional writing. This assignment will give you practice in writing a clear detailed process document, with appropriate visuals, for a specific audience. Start by determining what you will write about. It should be discipline-specific.
Your topic proposal for your process writing project should briefly address the following:
What is the general area you are working with?
What type of text are you interested in – educational, informational, or entertainment?
Who is your intended audience?
Why do you feel it is important for the audience to read and use your text?
What is the information you expect the audience to already know?
What are some things the audience does not know (or has preconceptions or misconceptions about)?
What will your audience be able to do/decide upon after reading/working with your text?
What kind of information (sources) do you intend to use (primary/secondary etc.) to help you build content? Be specific.
Write a brief, 2 to 3-page report explaining a process related to your field of study or research issue.

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