What is the relationship between teacher self disclosure and student affective learning.

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Engagement 2A is the first part of an assignments that helps you develop a research plan by focusing on a topic in the field of communication studies*.

Your paper should consist of:

your research topic & its importance (i.e., what do you want to study and why do you want to study this topic? why did authors in your articles want to study this topic? 200 words minimum; cite your articles in the narrative) 2 points
Note: Teacher classroom communication is NOT a research topic because it is too broad to be studied. You need to narrow it down so it is specific enough to be studies such as “The effects of computer-mediated teacher self-disclosure on student affective learning.”

review of 4 quantitative scholarly peer reviewed research articles Links to an external site.on your research topic (i.e., summaries of research articles including purpose and findings using your own words (no quotes) – 200 words minimum each and attach the 4 articles either as pdf files or full text DOI links [only if they open and are full texts; please note some DOI links only give you abstracts] [you will receive 0 point without submitting the articles or when your links do not open because I need to read the articles to evaluate your paper]; 8 points). Qualitative studies only receive 1/2 credit.
your research hypothesis (1 only; focus on 2 variables such as “Teacher self-disclosure [IV] and affective learning [DV]”) OR research question (1 only; focus on 2 variables such as “What is the relationship between teacher self disclosure and student affective learning [Variable 1: teacher self disclosure] {Variable 2: student motivation]?) If you cannot come up with your own hypothesis or research question, you may borrow one in one of your articles, but be sure to cite the source. (2 points)
your audio file: Use your own recording device or use Canvas recording device to record yourself describing your research to a friend or family member (2 mins audio file; submit your audio file; in conversational tone; not a READING of your paper; 2 points)
your reflection: send your audio file to a friend or family member to solicit feedback (i.e., do they understand your research topic? What questions do they have?) Explain what you have learned from sharing your research topic and the feedback you received ( 1 point)
*If your articles are not from communication studies journals listed below, prior approval is required.

Journal of Nonverbal Communication
Human Communication Research
Journal of Communication
Communication Education
Communication Monographs
Communication Quarterly
Communication Reports
Communication Research
The Southern Communication Journal
Journal of Family Communication
The Western Journal of Communication
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication