What is the research question that is being asked and answered in this article?

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You will turn in 2 separate essays. Each essay will summarize and discuss one of the peer-reviewed journal articles provided below. Each essay should completely answer the questions but not be longer than 4 pages. The 2 essays can be submitted in one file or copy & pasted into the text window. Each essay should include:
1. What is the research question that is being asked and answered in this article?
2. Background information — why is this research question interesting? (Or not?)
3. What methods do they use to explore this question? Do you think this is an interesting strategy?
4. What were the conclusions? Do you find them surprising? What do you think about this research overall?
First I would recommend checking out the articles and picking 2 that are most interesting to you, then read them, taking some notes relative to the questions you need to answer in your essay. Each essay should discuss at least one of the articles provided here, and each essay should discuss a different article — don’t use the same article twice. You are free to bring in other sources, but you must center each essay on one of the articles provided here.
If you have any questions, please message me through Canvas or email me at huffj@uw.edu. Since there is very little time between the due date and when grades are due, there will be little opportunity for rewrites.
CHOICE #1: Elites and commoners at Great Zimbabwe: archaeological and ethnographic insights on social power — Chirilure.et.al_great_zimbabwe_social_power.pdfActions
CHOICE #2: Ancient proteins from ceramic vessels at Catalhoyuk West reveal the hidden cuisine of early farmers — Hendy.et.al.Catalhoyuk.cuisine.pdfActions
CHOICE #3: Revisiting NFB: Ceramic technology in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea at 3200 calBP — huff.2016.AO.NFB.pdfActions
CHOICE #4: Prehispanic Use of Chili Peppers in Chiapas, Mexico — Powls.et.al.chili.chiapas.pdfActions