What laws, government agencies, or institutions are involved?

STEP 1: Generalizations
Make generalizations (true statements) about the chosen topic before gathering research. List issues or concerns about the topic based on these generalizations.
STEP 2: Research and Gather Information
Research and gather information about the topic and the concerns identified. Use at least five current and scholarly resources (e.g., journal article, book, research report, government agency), citing them within the text of your information and including a reference page at the end using the APA style. Use the following as a guide to gather the information:
Societys goals and values that are involved with this topic.
The situational factors involved with this topic
What laws, government agencies, or institutions are involved?
What historical background is found for this topic?
What political factors are involved?
What economic factors are involve
What social, cultural, or religious factors are involved?
STEP 3: Develop Problem Statement
After considering all the previous factors, develop a problem statement. State it in ONE of three ways:
What should I do about ______________? (personal involvement) OR
What should we do about ____________ ? (family or group involvement) OR
What should be done about ___________ ? (societal involvement)
STEP 4: Personal Needs and Valued Ends
What personal needs are present to cause you to want to deal with this topic. Identify the valued ends. Define the way you want it to be in a perfect world. What are the values involved?
STEP 5: Solutions and Consequences
Identify possible solutions (at least 2) along with the negative and positive consequences for those solutions. If you have difficulty with this step, ask yourself if you have enough relevant information and if your sources are reliable. If not, return to Step 2 and gather more information. Also, your topic may be too narrow or too broad.
STEP 6: Workable Solution
Select one workable solution from Step 5 and justify the solution using all four of the following questions.
How would I feel if I were the most adversely affected by this solution?
What would be the consequences if everyone in this same situation selected the same solution?
Would this same solution be acceptable if applied to other similar circumstances?
Does this solution coincide with or reflect my fundamental moral beliefs and values
STEP 7: Personally Take Action
After determining a workable solution, what would you do personally to take action on this problem based on the problem statement?
STEP 8: Draw Conclusions/ Wrap Up
Draw conclusions concerning this topic/problem and the solution.
Discuss what you may have learned about yourself as a result of completing this process.
Why was this exercise required?
Do you see yourself using this type of exercise again when facing a difficult problem? Why or why not?

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