What other types of services are offered by this agency?

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Community Resource Assignment
Student Name:
Client Problem Selected:
Clients are often faced with situations that affect their overall well-being. Therefore, social
workers should be aware of community resources available to meet client needs.
Directions: Select a client problem below then identify a community resource that will
address the needs of the problem. Answer the following questions regarding the community
agency you selected.
Client Problems
1. You notice your client wearing shorts and a t-shirt in 10-degree weather. Your client
requests help finding winter clothes.
2. The client needs rent/utility assistance.
3. The client is homeless and requests emergency housing.
4. Your client is chronically ill and needs assistance with medications and low-cost
5. The client needs mental health assistance but is uninsured.
6. Your client has been feeding his dog table food because he cannot afford the full price of
dog food.
7. The client was recently diagnosed with a disability and needs a wheelchair ramp for
8. Your client recently lost her job and needs assistance obtaining food.
Community Resource Questions
1. Name and address of the agency
2. Contact information
a. Is there a crisis line for clients to access emergency services?
3. List the website URL and social media information.
4. Lists the hours/days of operation.
5. Is this a for-profit or nonprofit agency?
6. How can the agency address the social problem selected?
7. What other types of services are offered by this agency?
8. How do clients access services or initiate being helped by the agency?
a. Are the services by referral only? Is there an application? Do clients need to
qualify for assistance? Is there a means test?
9. Payment: How do clients pay for services?
a. Is there a cost for services, including sliding scale? Is insurance accepted?
10. Is there a time/frequency limit on the services provided?
a. How many times can clients access services?