What steps can she take over the next year or so to improve her situation and possibly open that second storefront in the long run?

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Subject: Premium Writing

Your client Marabelle, owner of Marabelle’s Craft ‘n Shop, has requested a business consultation meeting with you. She would like for you to explain to her how her business is doing and what areas of improvement she can make to be more profitable. She wants to ensure she’s in a good position with the debt she carries and to see what she might need to consider before opening a second storefront–something she’d like to possibly do in the next 12 months.

Using the financial information you completed for Marabelle’s Craft ‘n Shop and pertinent information from the ethical situations presented in previous course project assignments, create a presentation for Marabelle including at minimum the following information:
Background information on Marabelle’s company, including products, competitors, and the current market base. You may use your own geographical information in terms of who the competition is, and what the market base is. Be sure to share what that geographical location is in your information.
Current financial statements and analysis of key financial factors. Be sure to consider profitability, further revenue earning, and profit potential to recommend to Marabelle. Also consider liquidity and solvency.
If you believe Marabelle is in a position to take on additional debt for a second location if she wishes, how much could she take on? What might her payback plan be? Don’t forget interest expense and its impact on profitability.
If you don’t believe Marabelle should take on additional debt at this time, explain why. What steps can she take over the next year or so to improve her situation and possibly open that second storefront in the long run?
Are there other options Marabelle could consider in raising the funding needed in order to open the second location?
Consider that Marabelle’s Craft ‘n Shop is currently a proprietorship. Are there opportunities with other business formats that might help Marabelle meet her goals? What are the benefits and the drawbacks of changing business format?
Include visual aids, such as charts, tables, or images, to support your information and suggestions and to help the client visualize what you are explaining.
Any other considerations, cautions, or ideas you wish to share with Marabelle as she considers opening a second storefront in the next year or beyond.
Speaker notes of your script in the slides for the presentation.