What types of things does it typically question/criticize/challenge?

Discussion 1 is based on course content from “Introduction to LGBTQIA Terminology and Concepts” and “Sex and Gender”
Answer all three questions below and include citations in each for a total of three citations (citations should be based on course content/readings). Once you have incorporated 3 citations from our class content, please feel free to include extra citations from outside sources.
1. Some communities have adopted what they call gender-neutral and inclusive terminology, such as the word “Latinx.” However, some individuals in the LGBTQ+ community find the term “Latinx” divisive and exclusionary. What are your opinions on the use of this term? Is it inclusive, exclusive, misguided? Why? (100 words minimum, 1 citation)

2. Summarize Judith Butler’s conception of Sex, Gender, and it’s “performance.” In your own words, in what ways is gender socially

constructed? (150 words minimum, 1 citation)

3. In your own words, describe queer theory. What types of things does it typically question/criticize/challenge? (100 words minimum, 1 citation)

Introduction to LGBTQ+, Terminology, and Concepts LINKS:


Brief summary: Judith Butler Gender Trouble.doc

Full Original Work: Judith Butler-gender-trouble-_1990.pdf

Queer theory: