What you need is to actually show those elements at work in the selected scenes.

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Feedback for student
6/9/21, 10:58 PM
Your descriptions and definitions of communication elements are good. What you need is to actually show those elements at work in the selected scenes. Often what you are doing in just saying that a particular element occurs in a scene, but aren’t taking the time to explain it or show it at work. Saying that there is a particular dating culture in New York doesn’t show how that culture is defined or what the parts of the culture are–and that’s what I really need to see her.

Check course messages for your rough draft–I’ve changed the file name slightly so it doesn’t copy over your original.
Rough Draft Intructions from last week below
In a 4-page paper, written in APA format using appropriate spelling/grammar, address the items below.

1.View the movie you selected and find 4 concepts that you have learned about either from the following list or that you have found within the readings and lessons each week. The list below is not exhaustive but can help you to pick some concepts from the different topics we have discussed in the course. You can pick any concept with a definition from the course material or textbook to apply to your movie.
Dominant Culture
High or Low Context Culture
High or Low Power Distance
Perception checking
Selective attention
The Self
Comprehensive Listening
Evaluative Listening
Empathic Listening
Appreciative Listening
Verbal Messages
Static Evaluation
Nonverbal Messages
Eye Contact
4 Zones of space
Emotional Messages

2.Identify at least 4 scenes from the movie that feature different elements of communication. For instance, if the characters in the movie started a relationship and clearly showed the initiating stage of relationships, you could choose that element to define and describe how it was portrayed in the scene.

For each scene:
Properly cite the definition of the communication element that is featured.
Describe the character interactions and how they portray the communication element.
Demonstrate your understanding of the communication element by analyzing how the characters interactions portray the communication element. Be sure to include your own insight and thoughts.

3.Include quotes from at least 3 credible resources into your analysis. Be sure to include APA formatted in-text citations and References for your resources.

For information about assessing the credibility of resources, consult the resources below.
Writing Guide
How do I know if a source is credible?
APA Guide

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Final Assignment Instructions below (this is what you need to do)

Module 05 Content
For your final course project, you will be submitting two files:
An updated course project paper that reflects improvements made in response to the instructor feedback you received.
A PowerPoint version of your course project.

Update Your Paper
In the previous module, you turned in a rough draft to your instructor of your written paper. Look over the comments your instructor made and make the necessary changes to the paper. Make sure if you need major revisions you take the proper time to complete your paper. It will take less time if you only have a few minor revisions.

Develop a PowerPoint
The second file you will be turning in is a PowerPoint. At some point in your career, you may need to create a report and then present that information to colleagues — most likely in a PowerPoint Presentation. That is what you will be doing for this part of the project.

Your PowerPoint should include the following types of slides, for a total of 7 or more slides.
Title Slide
A content slide for each communication element
Definition of element
How the element was shown in the movie
Conclusion Slide
References Slide
When you are creating your PowerPoint, keep these things in mind:
Make sure your content is well organized and flows logically.
Use the Speaker Notes feature in PowerPoint to reduce the amount of text that appears on the slides. (The Speaker Notes will contain the text that guides what you would say while presenting the slides.)
Add pictures to the PowerPoint to demonstrate your creativity and visual communication skills.
Use proper grammar and spelling.
Cite each definition with proper APA citation style.

When developing a PowerPoint slideshow, it’s important to be mindful of how you layout your content. The slides should present key points, arranged logically, without extraneous information contributing to a cluttered look. Using the Speaker Notes feature in PowerPoint is a great way to include relevant details without overloading the slides.