Which groups, industries, political action committees (PACs) or individuals and from what industry contributed the most?

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Instructions This assignment will demonstrate your knowledge of party power and outside influence on parties (CO 3 and CO6). Please prepare an audio and visual presentation of your answers to the following questions. It can be PowerPoint, Prezi, Kaltura, or any platform that is free to use in the classroom. The target length for a presentation is ten slide, not including a title slide or the reference list. Think of how to take some perhaps dry material and make it interesting. Imagine your audience is a class of middle school students. Keep slides concise. Use audio to explain details. Select a committee in the United States Congress from either the U.S. House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate and conduct research on your selected committee. A) Include: committee name committee chair name make-up of committee by party the key issues addressed by the committee a recent example of legislation, including the state of bill in the legislative process (committee, full floor debate, law, etc.) B) Research the donors to the committee members on Open Secrets. Which groups, industries, political action committees (PACs) or individuals and from what industry contributed the most? How much did they contribute and to whom? How else does it influence the work of the committee (new media presence, advertising, social media like Facebook and Twitter)? C) Select one Democratic and one Republican committee member and answer the following questions: Who are the top contributors to this member and how much do they contribute? How does the voting record of this member of Congress align with the goals of those making campaign contributions? How might voter turnout be affected by interest group and PAC contributions? Option A) Create a presentation with embedded audio. The following YouTube video provides good information on how to properly embed audio in a PowerPoint presentation, but use whatever presentation platform you wish. Option B) Create a video using your webcam and embed in in the classroom using Kaltura. The following YouTube video provides a simple tutorial on how to proper post a video presentation to the Sakai classroom using Kaltura. When you are done please provide the link to your complete work or a file in the discussion to share with the class. If you provide a video or a podcast please remember to include a transcriipt with sources cited and listed. Please: Remove any personal information from the document property.