Why Covid has made college harder for students?

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Write a well-documented, argumentative essay of more on the research topic you have been exploring this semester. Sources may be a mix of scholarly sources
and non-scholarly sources, provided that the non-scholarly sources have been approved and are used
appropriately. I expect that you will mostly draw from the sources you used in the annotated bibliography
(FWA #3), but you may add sources not included in that assignment if you find it necessary. Direct
quotations should be kept to a minimum, used only when the authors precise wording is especially
important. Cite any quotations or paraphrases and provide complete bibliographic information for all sources
using the style appropriate to your major. At the end of your research paper, indicate the final word count.

Length: 2500-3000 words (9-12 pages), not including references

I uploaded what I already have. I just needed it to be organized and flow better.