World War 1

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Subject: Premium Writing

So, in this class, we compress a lot of material in a short amount of time, but then, there’s a whole week and a whole module dedicated to World War One. Why is that? Because it’s really important. It was just one of those events where the world was one way before and another way after, and the way it was after is more or less how it is now. Now that you have learned perhaps more than you ever care to learn about the War and America’s involvement in it, here comes the work part, I want you to write a two page paper discussing whether or not it was justified for the United States to enter World War One on the side of the Allies. Did the country have just cause? What events might justify or not justify US entry? Should policy makers have considered other options or was that no longer possible? Like all your other papers, this needs to be 12 pt font, one inch margins, MLA style, etc…