Write a paper discussing about the relationship between the mind and the physical world.

I’m not going to give you prompts this time. Instead, I’d like you to develop an argument for a position on one the issues we’ve discussed in class, making use of at least two of the philosophers we’ve read during the course. (You can make use of these philosophers either to support your arguments or as targets of critique.)
UPDATE: To be clear, this argument can either be a “first-order” argument for a particular philosophical view we’ve discussed or it can be a “second-order” argument for an interpretative claim about one or more of the philosophers we’ve read. Either is fine with me, as long as you make it clear which one you’re interested in.
Some potential topics to consider would be the following:
(1) Skeptical arguments and the possibility of over-coming those arguments using reason.
(2) The degree to which knowledge is based on experience and/or reason.
(3) The relationship between the mind and the physical world.
(4) The nature of causation and the question of how we come to form beliefs about cause and effect.
(5) The nature of the self.
(6) The moral and political implications of any of these topics.
(7) The implications of any of these debates for the struggle for gender and/or racial equality.
(8) Any other topics we’ve touched in our discussions.
Please do not engage in plagiarism of any kind. If you have questions about what this means, please contact me.
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