Write a paper on how politics and intergovernmental relations are affected.

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Write a paper on how politics and intergovernmental relations are affected.objective: To utilize the Iron Triangle technique and explore how the needs and wants of various parties can influence the public policy process. Instructions: Refer to the course textbook to find the Iron Triangle illustration and simulation exercise (See below). The Iron Triangle 2. Refer to the following resource to gain a better idea of what the process normally is about: The Politics Watcher. (2023). Understanding the Iron Triangle: A key concept in policy discussions. https://thepoliticswatcher.com/pages/articles/congress/2023/12/1/understanding-iron-triangle-key-concept-policy-discussionsLinks to an external site. Per course textbook’s exercise, consider a public issue of your choice Consider the various elements of the Iron Triangle Write a 3-page paper ((Do not go over 3 pages) in which you discuss the following: Possible conflicts that each element may pose and why The challenges in balancing the needs and the wants of the various forces Your final thoughts. TITLE PAGE – Insert a title page. A template can be found in Module 0. Replace the contents between the quotation marks and delete the quotation marks. The title page is not a separate file and should be the first page of your paper. The text of your paper should begin showing on the next page (page 2). REFERENCES – A minimum of TWO additional references. List them starting on a new page after the end of your paper. IN-TEXT CITATIONS – Every reference you have used should have a matching in-text citation (or more) in the body of the paper. ** Only report the references you have actually consulted.