Write a research paper about the COVID-19 virus’s effects.

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Write a research paper about the COVID-19 virus’s effects.You have just completed your seven-year term as the chief economic policy advisor responsible for managing the economy of our country You are expected to create a report for the incoming administration. In this outgoing report, you will select what you consider to be the most important macroeconomic issues facing our country and policies to address them. 1. Summarize the two economic issues and document why it is considered an issue. 2. Use up-to-date DATA to illustrate issue. Data should be displayed w/ single decimal place. 3. Use critical thinking to analyze the issue using economic concepts and theory learned in our class 4. Present two policy recommendations based on this issue 5. Use additional references to back up your arguments 6. Include at least one graph (supply and demand, 7. AS/AD, Aggregate Expenditure) developed in the course to illustrate the impact on economy of your recommendation to address the issue. Supporting charts and tables are also encouraged. 8. Use clear and effective writing in your presentation. Possible concepts include (this list is not exhaustive. If you have a particular topic in mind, please reach out): * Addressing consequences of Covid-19 * Economic growth/expansion * Taxation * Government spending * Labor market, wages, and income inequality * Poverty and public policy * International trade Your paper should: * be a total of 4 pages, double-spaced, not including bibliography. Font: Times Roman 12. * include a bibliography with at least three references, presented in MLA style ***(I would prefer the topics to be about 1: inflation & 2: Income Inequality, but choose as you like)****