Write a research paper on the topic of What Makes WaterCAD Different from WaterGEMS?

Write a research paper on the topic of What Makes WaterCAD Different from WaterGEMS?
Project Report
Provide a technical report which may address these in sections or sub-sections: introduction,
scopes, design objectives, proposed network layouts, network options/ details/ considerations,
discussions, recommendations, and conclusions. Use double-space for line separation
A technical report should have a cover page (not a cover letter) with essential items such as the
title, engineer’s name, and date. A content page(s) showing all sections (and sub-sections) and
the related page numbers. Page numbering should start only at the beginning page or
introductory page.
A conclusion section should be concise, summarizing all the main findings of your project.
The report should include all the information in writings referring to the specific numbered
tables and figures. Follow ASCE Journal Style of writing. Examples:
(1) Avoid using “I” or “we” if necessary.
(2) Place the caption of a data table on top of the table while placing the caption of a figure below
Project Submission
BOTH on-campus and distance students
A submission link will appear in the Project Section of the courses site on Blackboard. Submit
your project report (including assumptions, design layout, cost calculations, etc.) in a single
PDF file before the due date.
BOTH on-campus and distance students
Select all your relevant final WaterGEMS project files and upload them in an uploading link
found in the Blackboard’s Course Project section.
Make sure that all the relevant files are copied, and the project can be run from a single folder.
How to know your submitted files will work? Before you submit, make copies of all your
final WaterGEMS files in a new folder on your computer and run WaterGEMS from this new
folder. Conduct a check to ensure that the program can run without any trouble

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