Write a research paper on the topic of what the connection is between substance abuse and mental health.

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Write a research paper on the topic of what the connection is between substance abuse and mental health.Qualitative Mini-Project Drug abuse, mental health and homeless This mini-project is your opportunity to conduct your own qualitative research project using primary data and present on the analyses you make. This assignment will have three components: your research proposal, your written report (including your coded data and your analysis, and your presentation. Id like a mini project on drug abuse, mental health, and homelessness in Boston Massachusetts. Research Proposal: Your central research question and the method(s) you will use to collect relevant data. You must get approval from me before you begin collecting data. Research proposals (for this class) only need to be a few sentences. Written Report: Written reports will contain three elements: a cover page that includes both a title and an abstract (use this guide on how to write an abstract, or consider making an appointment with the Writing Center – just don’t book a session with me), your coded data, and your analysis of that data, in that order. Please submit all materials within the same document. Coded Data: Your data (either field notes, transcriipts, or whatever is most applicable), along with your analytic codes, should be submitted in full as part of your written report. Analysis: This section is where you make conclusions and draw connections based on your collected data. This section is where you should be doing the bulk of your inferences. Explain your analytic codes and why you drew the lines where you did. Your analyses should be roughly 2-3 pages. The Written Report will and will be graded out of 100 points. Please use double spaced be 12-point Times New Roman font and submit as either a pdf or docx file. Presentation: In order to share your findings, you will prepare a five minute presentation that explains your research question, how and where you collected your data, and your primary findings. All visuals should be submitted via Blackboard.