Write a research paper outlining which gender feels more strongly.

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In this first minor essay, you are being asked to make an argument concerning the definition of a word; however, another goal is to enter into a conversation about this topic. Therefore, you need to be clear about which conversation that you are entering—that is, what did someone say or suggest that you are responding to (“they say”)? But it is also essential that you contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way—what new insights or arguments are you making (“I say”)?

More specifically, in this essay you are asked to make a Categorical Proposition, which is an argument that centers on demonstrating that a given subject belongs (or does not belong, potentially) in a certain category. Examples of categorical propositions that can be thesis statements in an argument are:

“Our culture mistakes ‘sexual desire’ for ‘love,’ a mistake which has led to a breakdown in traditional family values.”

“Sorry, John: love is not all you need.”

“Women love better than men.”

In any categorical proposition argument, your task is twofold: 1) make sure that your audience has a clear understanding of how you are defining your predicate / category, and 2) provide sufficient evidence or examples to demonstrate that your subject belongs in that category.

Your paper should be typed in a standard font and format, 2-3 pages, and accord to MLA or APA standards, including documentation.