Write a research paper with the following topic in mind: What Makes a Business Continuity Plan?

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Write a research paper with the following topic in mind: What Makes a Business Continuity Plan?Business Continuity Plan on Homeland Security or other related business to terrorism or security (do not name business in paper, per instructions)

Developing a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan is a significant undertaking and will take considerable time and numerous teams to fully accomplish. Rather than developing a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan, you will identify one component of a plan to fully develop. Identify a context in which you would like to develop a Business Continuity Plan. Within that context identify one process for which you will develop a Business Continuity Plan. Your plan must be thoroughly researched and developed. Your plan must include:

-Background information on the business and specific process that you will be addressing (if you plan to do this for a live environment, do not include the actual name of the organization or individuals)
-Strategy to initiate the Business Continuity process in the absence of a disaster
-Risks associated with the business process
-Multilateral continuity planning considerations
-Emergency Response procedures
-Crisis Management procedures
-Business Recovery procedures
-Identification of teams necessary to develop, implement, and maintain the plan
-Delineation of responsibilities for team members and all others who are involved with plan development, implementation, and ongoing maintenance
-Tool(s) that you will utilize to develop and maintain the plan (software)
-Insurance considerations
-Plan testing methodology and ongoing frequency
-Organizational training and ongoing communication mechanisms regarding plan activity

For the layout of the Final Project, it can be in a “free form” for any typical program layout:

-Cover page (including your NAME)
-Non-indented paragraphs
-12-point font
-Extra space between paragraphs and single space separation of lists
-Bulleted lists
-Bold headings (may be centered) with bold subheadings (may be flushed left)