Write an analytical paper on information systems & technological innovations.

Write an analytical paper on information systems & technological innovations.
Discuss the technological advancements available for policemen? What are their pros & cons? Discuss the role of technology in police reform.

Covid & Technology : How have COVID shutdowns, virtual school, and remote work changed our relationship to technology? What types of disease surveillance technologies were used to track the symptoms of Covid-19?

Virtual Reality: How will virtualization change healthcare, psychiatric care, war veterans, soldiers, and police training? How will virtual reality change education, professional certification exam content, or professional training strategies? Is virtual reality a good or bad thing?

War Technology: Discuss the pros and cons of at least 8 of most recent advancements in military technology. Provide a overview of modern warfare. (trends, risks, advancements) Does increasing military technology really make us safer? Should drones be used in modern warfare?

Technology & Adult Education: How had online education changed adult education? How has the instructor’s role changed since the adoption of online classrooms? How should we change teaching to incorporate new technologies? What are the available information technologies used by most universities? Globally, what are the trends in online learning technologies in countries other than US?

Robotics & Healthcare: How are robots being incorporated into hospital care? What new technologies are being used to improve disease control? What are the pros and cons of robotics in surgery? Pros and cons of having robots in infectious disease control units?

Self-driving Cars: Discuss the application of computer vision technology in autonomous cars. In what new ways are technologies being incorporated into the car industry to improve safety and consumer driving experience?

Space Exploration: How is NASA implementing the use of Information technology to explore space?

Globalization & Technology: How has technology facilitated the globalization of international businesses? How has the combination of technology and globalization impacted world cultures, values, and education? What measures are countries taking to prevent the erosion of their country’s culture and language?

Technology & Journalism: Discuss how sensationalism is persisting in the wake of new media technologies. What technological factors are resulting in online misinformation? What measures can be used to preserve the sanctity of traditional journalism? What are the challenges of new media technologies?

Role of technology in modernizing real estate and property management