Write Evaluate a piece of writing that addresses the effect of social media on the mental health of college students.

Words: 96
Pages: 1
Subject: Do My assignment

Journal Articles: Students will be expected to summarize 1 article. The article must be an Article related to Mental Health (2016-present) from a selected journal of their choice. These articles can be on any health-related mental health topic. For example, you can review an article that focuses on the impact of social media on college students’ mental health.

Instructions for the Journal summary must include:

Cover page (12 font, Times New Roman) (This is your 1st page)
Two typed summary page (12 font, Times New Roman) (This is your 2nd page)
Must have a reference page with at least 2 references. (This is your 4th page). Use a reference from your article. (References must be in APA Style)
The original article must be attached with summary.
Please submit in Microsoft Word.
Paper must follow APA format.
It is worth 50pts