Written Assignment 4: Tunguska and Chelyabinsk | Graded

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Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

For this Week 6 assignment, you will present, in your own words, the importance of the Tunguska and Chelyabinsk meteor events in understanding the threats posed to Earth from large pieces of space debris, along with a discussion of large impact events in Earths history.

Paragraph 1: Research and describe what we know about each event. For example, their locations, impact dates and times, probable impactor sizes, disintegration altitudes, and likely compositions (such as rock, ice, or another composition).

Paragraph 2: Identify three reasons why the data from the Chelyabinsk event is so much better than the data from the Tunguska event.
Paragraph 3: Describe the likely consequences of one of these events happening over a major U.S. city, both in terms of likely physical damage and any potential immediate misunderstandings by the general public about what may have happened. For example, would everyone know it was a random meteor strike and not something else?
Paragraph 4: Earths past events: Large impacts have probably affected the Earth going all the way back to the beginning 4.6 billion years ago. One of the most well-known impacts is the one that caused the extinction of most of the dinosaurs along with many other forms of life. The impact left a large crater (that is now buried) around 65 million years ago located under the Yucatan Peninsula. You can include some information on impacts that have affected the Earth in prehistoric times going all the way back to the origin of the Earth, or you can research a specific impact or discuss impacts in general and how they may have affected life on Earth