Written Response to Full-Class Reading/Viewing Assignment #2

Words: 176
Pages: 1
Subject: Premium Writing

During this week, we’ll all read the watch the following documentary film at home and then discuss it in class on 4/18:

Ai-Amour : Carlotta Ikeda and her Butoh

Link to access via ASU Library (make sure you are logged in): https://search.lib.asu.edu/permalink/01ASU_INST/pio0a/alma991012853329703841 Links to an external site.

Please turn in your written response to Ai-Amour on this page.


Please write at least 250 words analyzing the information and performances in this video, including responses to the following questions and using specific examples(In relations of experimental theatre)(In relations of experimental theatre)(In relations of experimental theatre):

What stood out to you, and why?
Can you draw any connections between the artists/performances in this video and your group’s Big Question OR any of the other artists/performances you’ve studied so far in this course?
In your opinion, is butoh peformance “experimental?” Why/why not?
If you use any external sources to support your points, please make sure to include MLA in-text parenthetical citations and works cited list.

Please see rubric for evaluation criteria.