Your experience with conflict

All of us have also experienced conflict, either in our personal or professional lives, as conflict is inevitable. Begin this activity by thinking about a specific conflict you have personally experienced or witnessed.
Your Initial Post:
Briefly describe the conflict.
Which conflict resolution style did you or others involved employ?
According to what we have examined in this module, was the conflict resolution style appropriate to the situation?
How was a resolution determined, and what method was used to determine the resolution?

Todays world is driven by teams or groups. The ability
to effectively lead, and participate in a team
environment is a valuable skill to have. Ideally, a
manager will carefully create a team of individuals that is
diverse yet compatible, in order to produce the best
results. Oftentimes, resistance to teamwork serves as a
barrier to team performance. It is also important to think
of the task at hand when assigning members to a team.
In past modules, you examined the impact of
personalities, emotions, attitudes and motivation. All of
these factors play a role in how your team will develop
and function. Lets take a look at the five stage model of
team development in depth, and consider the challenges
of applying the appropriate leadership style at the
appropriate time (Scandura, 2019).
There are many factors to consider, both positive and
negative, when leading teams. As a leader or manager,
it is your responsibility to ensure the team attains its
goal. In todays global environment, virtual teams are
becoming more and more common. There exists a
plethora of tools to enable collaboration at a distance,
some of which you may have been exposed to as an
online student yourself! Virtual teams come with their
own set of issues, so how do we overcome those
factors? The

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