Zinc for colds/flus

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Topic: Zinc for colds/flus
The purpose of the assignment is to write a formal APA paper that demonstrates the student’s ability to research a topic that has nursing and health implications and critically appraise published research findings that may be used as the basis for clinical nursing practice. Ethical dilemmas, the nurse’s role in helping patients and families, professional identity and accountability, and core nursing values are to be used as frameworks for deciding whether to recommend a particular complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a valid treatment or quackery. Students explore significant methods for protecting and maintaining a healthy environment as part of a culminating class project in which the focus is responsible citizenship.
Papers should not exceed 10% on the originality report. Papers that have been submitted for another course are not acceptable. Papers with a 20% or greater match will be investigated.
Length of the final paper must be Five (5) content pages (not including cover page or reference page), the paper will not exceed 5 pages. There must be at least four (4) recent (within 5 years) references from scholarly sources (NO websites) and APA 7th Edition formal writing style is required.
The final paper will include the following sections/headings:
Define the topic, the general context of the issue, the history, cultural, and/or importance of the topic to your readers, and purposes of the paper;
Literature Review: Summary of findings in the literature regarding the topic, specific problems defined by experts in the field, assumptions which frame the problems related to the topic, and issues that need further investigation. In this section you must demonstrate two dimensions of wellness (emotional, physical, social, mental, spiritual, environmental health) that the topic promotes. You are required to select at least three research articles on your topic. This will establish scientific foundation of the complementary and alternative medicine you are writing about.
Discussion of Findings: Critical appraisal of the evidence: strengths, weaknesses, is the evidence strong enough to make a patient care decision on or is more research needed? Is the CAM at least without significant risks if not actually proven? Conclusions may only be drawn from the information that you included in the literature review. The student must address as to whether the CAM should be recommended to patients based on the information you include in the paper.
Conclusions: Summary and the most important points from each section of the paper.
References in APA 7th edition style. At least three of the scholarly references must be research studies.
This paper must be new original work.