Analyze taxonomies, clinical vocabularies, terminologies and nomenclature used in healthcare settings

Classification and terminology professionals ensure that the coding rules, conventions, and guidelines are applied correctly and consistently. They ensure that medical records are suitable for communication among a variety of users, including care providers, clinical researchers, and business operations managers. The purpose of this assignment is to assess your understanding of how various clinical vocabularies, terminologies, and nomenclature are used in healthcare settings.

Your boss, the Director of Human Resources at a prominent academic hospital, has asked you to prepare a two-part expository PowerPoint presentation to new employees during orientation. Your PowerPoint is to familiarize new staff from both clinical and administrative departments with the most common clinical and healthcare management terminology, to which they will be exposed and expected to use on their new job. Terminology shared should include aspects of taxonomies, clinical vocabularies, terminologies, and nomenclatures used in healthcare settings. A minimum of three slides should be dedicated to each department. Finally, include a section devoted to how management and clinical departments communicate for patient care. Provide examples for at least two levels of care (inpatient, outpatient, nursing facility, etc.).