Analyze these key strategic issues and support your analysis with the concepts,frameworks and other course materials (60%).

This assignment will focus on the Peloton Interactive case study. The case study analysis must be a 3-5 page
report not including cover page and appendices. The report is to be written from the perspective of a strategic management consultant advising the senior decision maker(s) outlined in the case.

Your report to the Senior Decision Maker (s) should include the following:
• Brief outline and explanation of the key problems, decisions or issues and why they are important (2.5%).
• Further discussion and focus on what you see as 2-3 of the priority issues facing the company (7.5%).
• Analyze these key strategic issues and support your analysis with the concepts,frameworks and other course
materials (60%).
This analysis should be broken down into(No need to explain the definition, directly use these methods to analyze the application to the case):

o Value Chain Analysis (company, industry & competitors)
o Internal Resources & Capabilities (including financial analysis)
o Core Competencies and VRIN analysis

• A SWOT analysis of Peloton Interactive (5%).
• A discussion of any obstacles or challenges the company may face (5%).
• Discussion and analysis of a minimum of 2 options the organization has to address each of the key issues identified. Your discussion of the options should be based on your previous analysis and be inclusive of the advantages
and disadvantages for the company (10%).

• A set of clearly defined and actionable recommendations that the company should pursue which link to your discussion and analysis (7.5%).
• Formatting, citations and writing style and clarity (2.5%).

For Value Chain Analysis, financial analysis, VRIN analysis methods, please simply add keywords and other information into the corresponding word chart provided as an appendix

P.S. Guiding Questions:
These questions are provided to help structure your analysis of the case – DO NOT ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS directly in the assignment. Think about these questions as you read the case and analyze the issues facing the company.
1. Examine the differences between Peloton’s supply chain strategy and that of its competitors.
2. What are the implications of Peloton’s supply chain strategy? Include a comparison of
the financial statements of Peloton and Nautilus.
3. What are the alternative uses of Peloton’s capital?
4. As an investor, what concerns might you have with Peloton’s decision to invest in a new production facility in
5. If you were advising Peloton’s Board of Directors, what changes to this strategy, if any, might you recommend?