Argumentative Research Essay -COVID 19 Canadas response

My topic: Pandemic COVID 19 Canadas response

Topic: this paper is open-ended, so you can choose whatever topic you want to write about. It would be best to choose something you are: a) interested in, and b) want to know more about. It could be a popular or current topic not used in another class. It should be a North American topic also be a topic that could be supported with research in ENGLISH. So, make sure you dont choose a subject from your home country because you cannot use research in your own language. Most importantly be VERY specific with your argument. Most of all it needs to be original work, that is well cited.
1500 – 1800 words in length: 5 – 6 pages, PLUS an MLA style Works Cited page (total: 6-7 pages)
You need to have at least 6 published sources of information, all formatted in MLA style.
This is an argumentative research paper, so your goal here is to: a) find out as much information as you can about the topic, b) present a sound and logical argument based on your research and then c) discuss the implications of the research you have done (your paper should include your argument AND a conclusion).

All essays are processed through the Plagiarism Detection tool Turnitin. Therefore, only original work will be evaluated, and unoriginal academically suspect work will be treated as a breach of our AC academic code and will result in the appropriate academic discipline being taken. As well as receiving an automatic 0 on the assignment and possible course. You will be required to clear your academic standing through workshop participation and remediation with student affairs. Please consult our AC academic code for more details on academic misconduct.

Many information file give (rublic, example essay, outline)

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