Art in Italy paper

I need a writer who is expert with art field in Italy
I need single-spaced written for my presentation

two pages
i will go into details with the writers in the chat later

due Saturday, but I also need a draft in 24 hours since it is a group project
I need to specify my part with the writer

Questions to answer for you presentation

1. TOPIC. Choose a topic that has emerged in our Napoli-journey. A topic that you consider of interest ad that has gained your attention e.g.: the importance to connect the city and the contemporary art creation; the key function of the collaboration between the civil society and the cultural scene in designing a city; the site-specific art creation; the forms of democratization of cultural adopted by a cultural institution; the relation between religion and superstition; the symbols of tradition in the art creation.. etc…
Describe it and mention from where this topic has arisen and who have been the people or the cases have brought you to think about that;
2. GOVERNANCE. Choose and describe an internal governance system of an cultural institution, private gallery or independent space and how this is intrinsically part of the identity of this institution/foundation/gallery, etc..
3. MODEL. According to our Naples-journey, among the different cases we have seen, individuate a model that you consider replicable under the organizative, artistic or curatorial perspective.
Describe it, share some key elements and explain why you have chosen i