Bottlenecks and Strategy

Read Learning to See-Farther, page 307 in Factory Physics for Managers.
In 750-1000 word research paper:
Discuss the bottlenecks.
Show an example of the bottlenecks encountered in your BSG company thus far.
Illustrate how a bottleneck has impacted your BSG company’s strategy, by providing at least one example.
Provide one illustration (chart, table, etc.) representing process, or data (e.g. change results).
Discuss how overcoming bottlenecks contributes to delivering on strategy.
Format your paper according to current APA and NAU standards. Include two or more scholarly resources over and above your textbook for this course.

NOTE: I’ve attached the reading from the text, which is the first attachment titled – “Learning to See Farther”. I’ve also attached the discussion that I posted last week that talks about the bottlenecks that our industry has faced. But to clear the bottlenecks faced for Company B (this is our group), plant and production standards were our bottlenecks.

Besides the writing of the bottlenecks in our industry. I’ve also attached Industry Reports for our company that has all of our most current numbers.