Build a brand profile

build a brand for your business (or a business) based on a product/service category of your choice:

1) Brand Positioning (15 pts)

Build the different components that make up the brand positioning statement.

Determine your brand’s target audience, problem, solution
Determine the Market Landscape and competitors (Research 3 brands/competitors within your industry niche. List 2X strengths + 2X weaknesses)
Identify how your brand stands out (Differentiators, Brand attributes)
Build a brand positioning statement.
Tools: Brand Positioning Doc

Consider using other tools discussed in class for research on competitors. (e.g. Social Mention, SpyFu)

2) Brand DNA (15 pts)

Form your brand’s DNA – outline the key qualities and benefits
your brand offers.
Tool: Brand Pyramid Template

3) Brand logo (10pts)

Using your brand DNA / pyramid as guidance, please develop the following:

Create a brand logo and tagline to represent your brand
Tools: Canva (Links to an external site.), (or Spark Adobe (Links to an external site.))