business and criminal justice

Review the following short videos/articles:
The Criminal Justice System
Explain what you feel are the most important goals/functions of the criminal justice system.

Review the following short videos/articles:
Marijuana Arrest Discrepancies in 9 Charts
According to self-report surveys, blacks and whites report marijuana uses at very similar rates and yet blacks are arrested far more frequently for marijuana use/possession. How would you explain this discrepancy?

Review the following short videos/articles:
Criminological Theories with Examples from Movies and TV
Why do we behave the way that we do? Specifically, if you have committed any criminal and/or deviant acts in the past, why did you? Or, if you have not, then why haven’t you?

There has been an increase in doping and performance-enhancing drugs being used in sports on an international level. When looking through U.N. treaties you will find one dealing with this issue. How should this issue be addressed and what should the punishments be for violating laws against doping?

Should convicted felons be allowed to vote? Support your answer with examples for international conventions or treaties. What are other countries doing?

Review the following short videos/articles:
Criminal Law vs. Civil Law
Discuss the difference, as well as the reason for the difference, in “burden of proof” between criminal and civil cases. Do you agree with the the different levels of proof? Why?

Review the following short videos/articles:
Policing Through History
Police officers are primarily viewed as have two roles: public service and crime fighting. Discuss and example of each of these roles. Which of the two do you feel is the most important? How would you suggest police departments for better relationships with the communities that they serve/police?

Review the following short videos/articles:
Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement
What were your interactions with the local police force growing up? Specifically, did you have regular contact with police officers and, if so, how did you feel about those interactions? If you did not, how would you describe how the area you grew up in was policed?

Review the following short videos/articles:
Exclusionary Rule and Fruit of the Poisonous Tree
Discuss an example of evidence that would be inadmissible due to the “fruit of the poisonous tree” doctrine. Discussion an example of a “good faith” exception to the exclusionary rule.